9 Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress

Gutenberg Blocks

A few days ago, we were helping one of our clients. While looking for the best Gutenberg Blocks plugin that was perfect for him, we came across a lot of good plugins, but just as many were really painful.

We wanted to make this guide in a professional way (as usual after all), testing the plugins first and then talking about it. Too many articles I found with plugins not updated in years, or where there were more 1-star reviews than positive reviews.

Things to know about Gutenberg Blocks

Are you one of those like us who decided to switch to Gutenberg? Know that in December 2020 it will be revolutionized, in fact with WordPress 5.6 , many Gutenberg Blocks and many other things concerning Gutenberg will be added.

But for now, there is none of that, so you need the additional Gutenberg Blocks if you want to improve the user experience.

Gutenberg wordpress blocksGutenberg wordpress blocks

There are two kinds of mindset when it comes to Add-on Blocks:

  1. Single blocks : which are composed of a single function such as Google Maps or Table of Contents . To tell the truth there are many more plugins that do this, just write the name on WordPress and you will find one that suits your needs.
  2. Block Libraries : These plugins combine all the best features into one.

Today we will focus on the latter. Our advice is to have at most 2 of these plugins, you don’t need more, otherwise the articles will take too long to load.

Having made this long introduction, let’s get started!



Gutentor is the plugin we ultimately chose for our client. Why? It truly is the best. If you are used to Page Builder like Elementor or Divi, then you will be really happy with it. It is compatible with any theme and plugin.

This plugin adds a large variety of beautiful blocks and themes to the Gutenberg editor that can be later modified to build and design your best web pages in minutes.

Gutentor is a lightweight WordPress plugin optimized for SEO performance.

The function that will make you appreciate this plugin the most is the one that allows you to put everything you want inside the sidebar (Widget). Have you seen those few sites where they have a modern bar, with colors and many other functions?

With Gutentor you can do it. Trust me, this feature alone is worth a try.

It is really very difficult to explain all the functions it has, because it has more of it than all the other plugins combined. I finally summarized them in some columns. So I hope to simplify your choice.

Gutentor block

Unique and most interesting blocks:

  • Counter
  • Google Map
  • Icons
  • Prices
  • Progress bar
  • Rating
  • Popup video
  • Slider
  • Accordion (FaQ)
  • Tab
  • Modulo wrapper
Gutentor Plugin

Unique features:

  • Faster site loading
  • SEO friendly
  • Library of ready-made themes and blocks
  • O advanced tions for each block including HTML, background, border, drop shadow, inner margin, shape divider Svg and animations format
  • Controls by device (mobile, tablet, PC)
  • You can use the entire Google Font library
  • Video background options
  • Modern themes
  • Gutentor widget
  • Awesome sliders

Price : free!



Qubely is another plugin that blew me away at everything it offers. Its peculiarity is the friendly UX user interface.

It has fewer features than the previous plugin but has better customization to create very minimal and modern animations.

It is very reminiscent of Elementor in how it is made. In a nutshell you will have to choose between one, two up to a maximum of 6 columns. In there you can drag everything that interests you.

The Gutenberg Blocks it offers are exceptional and well made. I really liked the fact that you can move blocks not only in the center or sideways like you normally do on Gutenberg, but you can drag them to 20% of the screen.

Qubely plugin

Unique features:

  • 250+ Pre-built Modern Themes
  • Highly customizable columns
  • Controls by device (mobile, tablet, PC)
  • Unlimited Google Fonts
  • Built-in animation
  • Box-shadow
  • Custom CSS
  • Support for scrolling interaction
  • 150+ ready sections
  • 35+ highly customizable Gutenberg blocks
Qubely blocks

Unique and most interesting blocks:

  • Popup video
  • Google Map
  • Information box
  • Contact Form
  • Pie Progress
  • Carousel of images
  • Advanced post grid
  • Price list
  • Carousel of testimonials

Price : Free, Pro version $ 39

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This Gutenberg Blocks plugin offers 24 modern and responsive blocks on all devices. It includes numerous blocks like CTAs, video popups, testimonials. In addition, it comes with an advanced image editor and color options with hover effects.

You can add an image, write some text on it and even add a button (Call ti Action in a nutshell). 

Stackable plugin

Unique features: 

  • 24 Blocks
  • 100 themes already created
  • Ability to write over the images
  • Very high quality design (slightly higher than the first 2 plugins)
Stackable icon

Unique and most interesting blocks:

  • Image Box Block
  • Popup video
  • Prices
  • Testimony
  • Team members
  • Expand / Show more
  • Spacer

Price : Free, Pro version $ 35.

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks

If you are a blogger, this plugin may make it easier for you to write articles. It is considered by many “experts” to be the best plugin, I honestly disagree. You have read the first 3 plugins yourself and have seen all their functions.

Either way, it remains a good plugin for the blogger niche. In fact, it offers 18 Gutenberg blocks that are very customizable from every point of view.

Unique features:

  • 18 Gutenberg Blocks
  • Special features for bloggers
  • Page star rating block
  • SEO friendly
  • Specially coded for speed optimization

Unique and most interesting blocks:

  • Schema markup
  • Testimony
  • Table of contents
  • Tabbed content
  • Social sharing
  • Stars (rating)
  • Image slider
  • Modern button

Price : Free

Ultimate Addons

Ultimate Addons

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is a Blocks plugin made by  Brainstorm Force , the creators of the Astra theme, Schema Pro.

It features 20 advanced blocks. Some of these blocks are a bit trivial and can be found everywhere, while others are very interesting if you want to create a Landing Page.

The best choice you could make is to pair this plugin with the Astra theme , so you have maximum compatibility and also get the best speed.

There’s also a block designed specifically for restaurants, which is a handy option if you’re in the food business.

Unique features:

  • 20 Gutenberg Blocks
  • Advanced columns
  • Pixel Perfect Design 
  • Styler Gravity Forms precostruito
  • Pre-built contact form

Unique and most interesting blocks:

  • Multi buttons
  • Google Map
  • Restaurant menu
  • Call To Action
  • Contact Form
  • Modulo Gravity Forms
  • Price list
  • Table of contents

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Kadence Blocks

Do you have something nice in mind but can't make it due to the few Gutenberg Blocks? We have selected 9 ultra professional plugins that solve these problems.

Kadence Blocks was one of the first Gutenberg Blocks Plugins, in the last 2 years it has grown to be one of the most downloaded block plugins ever. With Kadence you can create custom layouts.

A unique feature (unlike other block plugins) is that Kadence comes with a library of ready-made layouts, so in case you need to create a professional page in the shortest time, this is possible.

Kadence has a unique block of all. I’m referring to the column block, which you can adjust to different screen sizes on one page, create custom backgrounds, and even fill, margin and dividers. 

I recommend this plugin if you need ready-made designs, because as you can see from the images, it’s too simple compared to the first plugins I showed you.

Unique features: 

  • 15 Gutenberg blocks 
  • 1500 icone SVG
  • Advanced and responsive page creation
  • Gallery and advanced buttons 
  • Customizable mobile design 
  • Advanced TypoGraphy

Unique and most interesting blocks:

  • Layout riga
  • Cards
  • Icons
  • Advanced gallery
  • FaQ
  • Testimonials

Atomic Blocks

Atomic Blocks

Atomic Blocks is another great plugin for bloggers. It allows you to create beautiful layouts. In some respects it reminded me of Elementor, in fact there is a block that allows you to combine different Blocks.

If you’ve ever tried Elementor, you’ve surely understood what I mean. We know that for you bloggers there is a grid block that allows you to put all the published posts. You can create carousels that move with the posts or images inside.

Atomic Blocks in Section and Layout block, offers full page layout, beautiful page sections, customizable buttons. It even has Google AMP support in every block!

Atomic Blocks plugin

Unique features: 

  • 15 Gutenberg blocks 
  • Suitable for bloggers 
  • Special support for Google AMP 
  • Optimized and flexible speed 

Unique and most interesting blocks:

  • Newsletter
  • Prices
  • Sharing icons
  • Call to action
  • Post grid
  • Author profile
  • Q&A
  • Advanced column

Price:  free



CoBlocks is a comprehensive yet lightweight plugin that adds functionality to the WordPress editor without slowing down the site. Using the additional blocks for the editor, you can create beautiful web pages in no time.

The ability to create custom columns and rows provides an efficient page building experience. This plugin offers a collection of 26 unique and advanced blocks and 5 gallery blocks.

Unique features:

  • 26 Gutenberg blocks
  • Innovative Page Builder system
  • Advanced typographic controls: font, weight and size
  • Super responsive grid system 
  • High performance and usability
CoBlocks plugin

Unique and most interesting blocks:

  • Gif
  • Hero
  • Notices
  • Profili social
  • Author profile
  • Logos and badges
  • Masonry gallery
  • Multimedia card
  • Resizable columns

Price : free



Getwid has blocks that can be suitable for various types of websites. It can be useful for both corporate and blog sites. Compared to other block libraries, Getwid is one of those that offers the largest selection of content elements.

Motorpress, a well-known group of developers, created this plugin. Using their 7 years of experience in the industry of creating web tools.

Perhaps one of the best things about this plugin is that it can play with the styles of any WordPress theme. This can help you do less work and maintain better visual consistency.

Unique features:

  • 40 Gutenberg Blocks
  • 35+ designs created
  • Minimalist design
  • Buttons done much better than the other plugins
  • Seo Friendly
Getwid Plugin

Unique and most interesting blocks:

  • Advanced header
  • Google Maps
  • Multimedia cursor
  • Recent posts
  • Instagram
  • Contact Form
  • Post Carousel
  • Post Slider
  • Personalized post


I will have tested over 50 plugins, but these I think are the best in every respect.

The first 3 I could recommend with my eyes closed to anyone. They are much better than a lot of plugins in the ranking.

Gutentor is a plugin that we have recently added to our site and you will see it working shortly. Especially for its compatibility with Widgets. We have so many ideas in mind.

Qubely instead we will definitely use it for some clients. It is very versatile and the layouts are truly spectacular. I know the developers of that plugin and love their site.

They are as sick as we are of consistency in design and speed. So these are the 2 plugins that I recommend the most.

While trying the plugins, I came across some for WooCommerce, but I noticed that they slowed down websites excessively. But I think they may work for some of you.

If you want a ranking on the best WooCommerce block plugins, comment, same thing if you have further doubts.

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