Instagram Ads: Complete Guide on Instagram Advertising

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads can yield higher ROI in comparison to other advertising campaigns. Advertisers can target specific genders, age ranges, locations, interests, behaviors, and more on Instagram.

Your sponsored search and display advertisements are running on Google, and you’re advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. What about guerilla advertising initiatives or NPR commercials? For some reason, you chose not to use Instagram since you were worried if it would pay off in the long run.

In any case, let me tell you right now: Instagram cannot be ignored nowadays. Even while Instagram is younger than its parent firm Facebook and has a smaller user base, it is still the breakout star of the family, the one that everyone wants to sit next to at Thanksgiving. There are many ways to communicate a visual story on Instagram, and many advertisers have found this channel to be more effective than their traditional advertising initiatives.

According to Statista, Instagram has 800 million active users now, and the rate of rapid growth it has had since 2013 is very astonishing. Just have a look at the graph below to see for yourself.

Nevertheless, with so many people browsing through their feeds at all hours, how on earth can a small firm like yours stand out in the crowd?

The Instagram advertising plays a role in all of this. Because of fame comes a lot of noise, and breaking through that noise organically to have a true impact can feel like it’s impossible. Instagram advertisements allow you to target the right people, at the right time, with the perfect message and graphics…

Learn all you need to know about starting an Instagram advertising campaign in this tutorial.

What Is Instagram Advertising and How Does It Work?


Advertisement on Instagram is a paid technique of posting sponsored material on the social network to reach a larger, more targeted audience. A business or an individual may elect to advertise on Instagram for a variety of reasons, but it is most commonly used to increase brand visibility and website traffic as well as to bring in new leads and move existing leads down the funnel (and hopefully towards converting).

As a visual medium, Instagram does not allow text ads. If you want to reach your audience with Instagram advertisements, you’ll need an image, a group of photographs, or a video (which can be accompanied by text).

What’s the most interesting part? Advertisements on Instagram are effective. To discover more about a business after seeing an Instagram ad in March 2017, over 120 million Instagrammers accessed a website, obtained directions, or called, emailed, or direct messaged a business. 60% of people claim they find new things on Instagram, and 75% of Instagrammers take action after being inspired by a post, according to the social media network.

Spending money to promote your brand on social media is similar to buying Facebook advertisements because you have greater control over who sees your post.

Instagram advertising – Does it Work?

So, who is on Instagram? Is it only teens who take selfies these days? For example, what if you were a 20-something seeking for recipes? Then there’s the older population. Are they “gramming” their grandkids or something else altogether?

The majority of Instagram users are between the ages of 18-29 (55 percent), followed by those between 30-49 years old (49 percent). This is bad news for marketers that want to reach the grandparent group (28 percent ). Only 11% of Instagram users are between the ages of 50 and 64, while only 4% are beyond the age of 65, according to Statista.

Approximately 32% of Instagram users live in metropolitan areas, while 28% live in suburbs, and 18% live in rural areas, according to Hootsuite. Despite the fact that there are more women using Instagram than men, the gender gap has narrowed.

Even if this isn’t the audience you’re looking for, you shouldn’t disregard social media as a waste of time. As Instagram continues to develop, more and more adults over the age of 34 are likely to jump on board. Another option is to specifically target the 4 percent of persons over 65…

Instagram allows you to target particular genders, age groups, places, interests, habits, and more. This means that your adverts will only be shown to people who are already on the list, or those with a similar makeup.

That Instagram leverages Facebook’s demographic data to serve advertising to the right people is what advertisers should truly be focused on. Advertisers who want to target a particular audience will find this feature quite useful, given Facebook already has a long history and a wide range of demographic targeting choices available to them.

A visual or creative industry, such as the restaurant industry or craft marketing, might benefit greatly from Instagram advertising.

Advertise your business on Instagram Stories to increase sales

Start generating ad campaigns to convert likes and comments into sales once you’ve created posts and Stories that your audience engages with. It’s not just more immersive than other mobile advertisements because Instagram Stories ads are full-screen vertical photos and videos, but they’re also targeted to the way people use their mobile devices naturally. For users, there is no need to resize images.

Only your ad is visible until the user swipes up or moves on to a new story.

As with Facebook advertisements, developing Instagram Stories ads requires the usage of the Ads Manager platform. Choosing a goal is the first step.


You should choose ‘Conversions’ since your goal is to acquire new clients. In order to track conversions, make sure you’ve placed Facebook’s pixel on your website.

This is the third and last step: naming your campaign

Promote your brand with Instagram advertisements.

Once you’ve decided on your goal, you’ll need to give your campaign a title. There is the option of running an A/B test or letting Facebook optimize your spending across ad settings.

You can do an A/B test to find out how well your creatives operate by comparing two versions. The same campaign might be run with alternative visuals, for example, to determine what works best with your audience.

As long as you allow Facebook to optimize your budget for you, you can rest assured that your budget will be evenly distributed among your advertising, which will help you obtain more results if certain ads perform better than others.

Nota: If you haven’t already created an Ad Account, you’ll be prompted to do so at this time. Add your nation, the currency you’ll use to pay for your ads, the time zone you’re in, and your account name.

Your audience is the fourth step.

Advertise on Instagram with the Instagram advertising manager ad set

The next step is to create a “Ad Set.” Your campaign’s audience, budget, and bidding technique are all determined here.

This is where you identify the types of people you want to view your adverts in order to get the best return on investment. It’s possible to do this by selecting criteria such as location and age.

A “ideal audience size” is then generated by Facebook, which shows you how large your audience is, as well as potential reach and daily outcomes. As a result, you’ll be able to adjust your ad strategy properly.

Tip: The potential reach of your campaign will be determined by the size of your target audience and the amount of money you have to spend.

Placements, finances, and timeline are the final steps in the process.

Instagram’s ad manager allows you to choose where your adverts will

To guarantee that your ads appear in the proper area, the next step in this section is to specify where you would like them to appear. The budget for each day and the advertising schedule (when you want your adverts to appear) are equally important.

By clicking ‘Edit placements’, you may specify exactly where your ads will display on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or the Audience Network. For example, if you’re solely interested in advertising on Instagram, you can deselect everything but “Instagram Feed” and “Instagram Stories.”

Alternatively, you can set a daily budget and choose an overall budget, or you can set a time restriction for your campaign and choose a monthly budget.

You can keep track of your settings by using the checklist on the left. There are tabs for each stage, which makes it incredibly easy to amend your mistakes if necessary.

The svg percentage is 3E

Sixth step – Give your ad set a name

Advertiser name on Instagram

Despite the fact that it may appear little, the manner you name your ad packages is really critical. Assigning your advertising a random name will make it more difficult for you to manage them and see which ones are working effectively.

Your ad’s name should include information such as placement, targeting, age range, and creative style, so that you can track and manage your ad’s performance more easily. As an example, consider the following:

mob uk 2550 ad1

An ad targeting consumers in the UK aged 25 to 50 would look like this.

Choosing the type of advertisement you want to present is the seventh step.

Types of Instagram advertisements manager

Finally, it’s time for the fun part: crafting your advertisement. The first step is to select the suitable Facebook page and Instagram account for your ads.

Select your ad format by selecting a carousel, a single picture, a single video, or a slideshow, depending on the type of creative you want to share.

Your Facebook page or Instagram account may already have a post that you wish to utilize as an advertisement. If so, pick “use existing post” and choose from the list of available posts.

8: Create your copy and set the URL and call to action.

Campaigns can be put up through the Instagram advertisements manager

In the event that you’re starting from scratch, be sure to complete in all the needed fields with engaging language as well as eye-catching graphics.

To urge consumers to contact your company, visit their website, or even download your brochure, you should include a call to action within your advertisement.

advertisements manager news feed on Instagram

This information will allow you to preview your ad before it’s published. This is the place where you may make changes to your design and text. It’s possible to see how it’ll look on mobile, desktop, in-feed and Instagram stories by using the “preview” filters.

Images and videos of good quality that are clear and easily viewed should be used. In addition to video, ads need to be at least 1080 x 1920 pixels in size.

Consider how you can make your videos more fascinating. There are 60 percent of Instagram Stories videos that are seen with the sound on. If you can, provide a voice-over and music background. Video duration is limited to 15 seconds, so make sure your offer is clear and compelling.

Your products and services can be showcased with a single image or a carousel of related images.

Adding your call-to-action is the final step (CTA). Use ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Learn More’ to entice people to swipe up to open product pages on your website.

The CTA can be highlighted with plain text or one of Instagram’s Stories badges.

For example, telling users to swipe up and placing the phrase “Shop” directly above the CTA can be enough to get their attention.

Different Types of Instagram Advertising

For advertisers, Instagram offers a wide range of alternatives. Most people have at least one social media app installed on their smartphones, and it’s nearly hard to function in society today without one. Been have been projected before YouTube videos for years, as have ads before Vimeo films for years. Advertising is now available on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Instagram Picture Ads

Instagram Picture Ads

Two years ago, Instagram began displaying its adverts in the newsfeed. Users can’t always tell if a photo is an ad or merely a picture of a website they already follow. To warn the user that this is a marketing strategy, only a little “Sponsored” remark appears at the top right corner of the page.

Customers are more likely to click away from adverts the instant they appear, which is beneficial for your business. Due to the fact that it looks like just another photo in the newsfeed, this strategy can entice the user to click on it and learn more about it.

Instagram provides customized adverts to each user depending on who they follow and what they like. In other words, your marketing efforts have already been filtered to advertise only to the correct part of the consumer population. It’s possible to run advertising in places where the issue is not particularly popular, but they’ll be aimed at the individuals who are most likely to be interested in reading about or buying from you. This is true for all Instagram advertising.

Instagram Carousel Ads

It was a big deal when Instagram introduced the option to upload numerous photographs at once and the ability to swipe through them. Instead of debating which photo to submit or who to leave out of key life updates, users could just select a photo that didn’t include everyone in order to save time. There are now up to ten photographs that can be uploaded at once! If you’re having trouble deciding which Fourth of July photos to use, this is great news for you.

A single ad can now include up to ten images of items, destinations, tickets, or gadgets of your choosing. This is especially useful if your firm has several facets, as you may showcase as many of them in a single post. Examples are resort sites that offer photographs of the hotel, room(s), spa/ sauna/ eating area/ conference rooms/ beach/ ocean/ other picturesque pictures. Visitors can get a feel for the entire resort by scrolling through the pictures on their phones.

Instagram Video Ads

This is only the tip of the iceberg. In addition, Instagram videos can be posted to a single post as well. It’s possible to publish a single video, or a series of videos, or even a combination of photographs and videos in a single post. Come up with the right headline for your ad to get more attention. In this way, you may provide your customers with a greater variety of information.

Instagram Shopping Ads

Instagram Shopping Ads

It’s no surprise that Instagram’s ecommerce tools have improved dramatically over the past two years, with 130 million users clicking on purchasing posts every month. This new Shopping feature allows customers to view and purchase things without ever leaving the app (limited to businesses with Instagram Checkout enabled).

Using Instagram Shopping advertising will send you directly to the item’s description page within the app. Through your mobile website, they can make purchases.

Instagram Shopping catalog must be set up before any Shopping advertisements can be placed.

Instagram Stories Ads

You can also post in the tales section of the website. They are displayed at the very top of a user’s screen for a total of 10 seconds. A narrative can be opened by clicking on it, allowing them to see whatever is being shared with them. In the storyline for up to 24 hours this can take the form of a photo, a text message, or even a video. To advertise on this page, simply go to the company account’s Instagram profile and click the “Add Ad” button.

IGTV Video Ads

IGTV is the newest addition to Instagram, and many are already asking if this upgrade will become yet another venue for advertising on the social media platform. It’s possible that IGTV may be able to add a short advertisement before the video plays, like YouTube has done. In addition to being tech-savvy, this age has a particular fondness for watching streaming videos, movies and TV episodes. A how-to video or a short film is more appealing to them than instructions or a story. The only location they will pay attention to is where you are.

Now that IGTV is available, the average time spent on Instagram is likely to increase from 24 to 32 minutes. While scrolling down their feed, users would quickly swipe through photographs, double-tap to “like” a photo once or twice, or touch on Instagram stories to see a temporary photo or short video, respectively. Overall, this procedure doesn’t take long, and even users who open the app dozens of times a day don’t actually sit there staring at what’s going on because profiles they’re following can only provide so much fresh information at a given time.

Users are expected to spend more time in front of screens with the introduction of IGTV. Google’s YouTube competitor, IGTV, will stream videos that are carefully selected for each user, hoping to become as popular as Google’s YouTube. In addition to the option of searching for a video, the user will be offered with possibilities for whichever video piques their attention. Persons following Grey’s Anatomy or seeking information about the show will visit their IGTV to find videos regarding Grey’s Anatomy or related content, as an example, Targeting viewers with video content that interests them (as is done with Instagram advertisements) might be a wonderful way to grow and engage your audience if and when IGTV adds ads.

Instagram Ads best practices

Making an ad on the fly is one thing, but planning ahead to make sure your ads achieve your goals is another entirely. As you create your next Instagram Stories ad campaign, keep these tips in mind. Make use of A/B tests to locate the optimal combination of ad features that will encourage your audience to make a purchasing decision

Consider incorporating Branding.

Your brand colors, a specific typeface based on your style guide, or the format or template you use for your regular Instagram Stories can all be considered branding strategies.

Parisian skincare firm Nuxe uses Instagram Stories videos to cut their acquisition costs and increase sales through the platform. A lot of earth tones and florals are used in their branding in an attempt to draw in their target population.

It’s the combination of a light and airy mood with precise graphics that makes their Stories advertising stand out. As a way to boost brand recognition, the video commercial ends with an information card containing the business logo.

Using this method, they were able to increase their return on ad spend by 6.2X and reduce their Instagram Stories ad costs by 62 percent.

Stay away from one aesthetic style.

Combine graphics and video in your advertisements to make them more lively. In order to attract new customers, Vita Coco sells coconut drinks and uses a blend of GIFs, video, and photos. When it comes to Vita Coco’s advertising strategy, Senior Global Brand Manager Patrick B. says, “Facebook and Instagram allowed us to reach our core markets efficiently, delivering our ads at the most appropriate times based on what’s most relevant to the customer at that moment.”

As a result, their advertising include text overlays that can be watched with or without sound.

Their use of Instagram Stories advertisements resulted in a four-point increase in purchase intent for users aged 18-24.

Instagram Ads FAQ

How much does Instagram ads cost?

I’m wondering how much Instagram advertising cost. Depending on the bidding methodology, Instagram advertising costs anywhere from $0.20 to $6.70 on the average. Advertisers pay between $0.20 and $2 per click for CPC. Advertisers pay $6.70 per 1000 impressions for CPM, or cost-per-impressions.

Are Instagram ads worth it?

Instagram is not only growing rapidly, but it’s also generating a lot of revenue for business owners and entrepreneurs. Many big brands are attracted to it since it’s a good investment. This is true even if your brand isn’t worth millions of dollars (if not more important).

What are the 5 Instagram ads?

Types of Instagram ads
Image ads.
Stories ads.
Video ads.
Carousel ads.
Collection ads.
Explore ads.
IGTV ads.
Shopping ads.

What type of Instagram ad is most effective?

If you’re trying to reach individuals on-the-go who may be browsing through Instagram rapidly, image or carousel advertisements are often the most effective.