8 Best Popup Plugins WordPress (Improve Leads)

Popup Plugins WordPress

Do you have a WooCommerce site and want to increase your sales by offering discounts? Do you have a blog and want to get people to subscribe to your newsletter? Or are you looking for a good way to collect more leads?

Then you definitely need one of these top ranking WordPress Popup Plugins.

Do you want to go directly to the answer? The best WordPress popup plugins are: OptinMonster and Bloom.IndexOptinMonsterConvertPlusBloomPopup BuilderElementor ProGreen PopupsPopup MakerNinja Popups

How to choose the best WordPress popup plugins?

Popup Plugin

According to a Sumo study, the  average conversion rate  for a website popup is 3.09%. While another  study from Impact  , shows that the average conversion rate for any website landing page is 2.35%. While the sites that are in the top 10% have a conversion of 11.45%.

How is it possible? Probably because they chose the best popup with these features:

Targeting refers to who it will be shown to and also in what position (top of the screen, center, bottom right). Popular methods of targeting users with pop-ups include geolocation, device, and taps.

Triggers , on the other hand, are actions that a user must take to view the popup. The most popular methods are for example:

When the page opens (not recommended), while a user scrolls (good idea), after a certain amount of time (good idea), finally when a user tries to exit (excellent method for WooCommerce).

During the test, we chose the best WordPress Popup plugin based on:

  • Refresh rate
  • Functions
  • Slowdown of the site
  • Design already available
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all email marketing services
  • Provides customizable triggers
  • Good customer support



OptinMonster  is powerful online lead generation software used by more than 3 million websites. Its  unique Exit-Intent® technology  helps convert visitors who are about to leave the page.

We like everything, you can build all your templates in a Drag & Drop way. It features a powerful popup generator and the most comprehensive set of targeting and personalization features.

Being certainly the most complete plugin on the list, it is difficult to summarize all its fantastic functions, we will try to explain some others you will find summarized just below.

OptinMonster responsive

It has a very useful feature: Smart Success which shows users who have already viewed and converted Popups different offers.

For example, if someone signs up to your list via a popup, you can show that person different offers in the future to avoid annoying them.

Another function is the one that recognizes if the user uses an AdBlock and sends him a Popup asking to deactivate.

Geographic location targeting is really useful especially for Ecommerce sites. If you know that in the United States the Galaxy S20 is the best-selling phone while in France it is Iphone 11, you could do 2 Popups with different discounts.

From a targeting standpoint, OptinMonster is the most comprehensive. It allows you to target your popups based on:

  • Page
  • Referrer
  • New or returning visitors
  • Cookies
  • Geolocation (this is unique)
  • Device
  • Using Adblock
OptinMonster examples

Unique features:

  • Geographic location targeting
  • Exit-Intent
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • You can choose one of the 26 animations.
  • Countdown: Use urgency and scarcity to increase sales.
  • Retargeting cookie
  • AdBlock Detection
  • It supports A / B testing and Google Analytics

Ideal for: I would like to say for everyone, but I think the best choice is for WooCommerce sites, for other sites it would be a waste of options.

Price: $ 8 per month



ConvertPlus is a popup plugin developed by Brainstorm Force. The same team behind other popular tools like the Astra theme and the “Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder” extension.

Once installed, you will find over 100 Popup templates already created by professionals.

Just click “create campaign”, then you have to choose the design we like, then set the Triggers and other filters, after that you can publish and see how the campaign is going. Intuitive isn’t it?

For Popups you can decide when to make it appear, at what point, on mobile or on PC, when a user is about to leave the page or when the user is inactive.

ConvertPlus template

The exit trigger controls the movement of the cursor and as soon as it notices that a user is about to exit, it will send a Popup trying to distract him and make him stay still on your website.

Unique features:

  • Send popups before the user leaves the page
  • Send after X seconds of inactivity
  • At the end of the page
  • By clicking on a button, text or image
  • Page-level targeting
  • Referrer detection
  • New and returning visitors
  • Device
  • Cookies
  • Registered users
ConvertPlus Plugin

Ideal for: those who want to save money, but get lots of nice features.

Price: $ 24.

If you want to add some testimonials inside a popup, you will need one of these plugins .


Bloom plugin

Bloom is a Popup Plugin from Elegant Themes, the creators of the popular Page builder Divi. 

Once the plugin is installed, you will find yourself in their dashboard that you will not be able to dislike, modern and minimal design. Everything is easy to find and set up.

It features over 200 ready-to-use templates. Too bad they can’t be imported via drag and drop.

Bloom Convertire

You can add A / B tests, many Targeting and Trigger functions such as:

  • Time
  • Sliding depth
  • Inactivity

You can disable Popups based on the devices used by the user.

As we have already said, there is no drag and drop but you can change everything you want in any case, such as:

  • Text
  • Colors
  • images
  • Animations
  • Details of the form
Bloom dashboard

Unique features:

  • Modern dashboard
  • Light
  • It supports email marketing services
  • Responsive
  • Ability to hide based on device

Ideal for: those who would like to switch to Divi. Otherwise I do not recommend it because without Divi you will have less control and this is a shame.

Price: 89 $ (you will get Divi too)

Popup Builder

Popup Builder

This Popup plugin is widely used on WordPress, in fact it has over 200 thousand active installations. You can customize anything you want, effects, position, size etc.

While versatile, we especially recommend it to subscription course sites. Because some of the popups are made to trick a user into subscribing to your course.

For WooCommerce they have developed a system that allows you to forward Popups based on what a user has in their cart, based on price, type of product, quantity.

Popup Builder design

Another really useful function is to be able to put YouTube and Vimeo videos inside a Popup.

This feature is also present on some of the other Popup plugins. But on this it is done really well. In fact you can decide the size of the popup, the duration and the position.

All these things put together will surely increase your Leads.

But if all this is not enough for you and to sell more you need to show the scarcity of a product. Then you will need the CountDown Popup.

It is very easy to create, a tip I give you is to combine all this with the function that allows you to decide at what time to show a popup.

Popup Builder extencion

Unique features:

  • Social Proof
  • Popup with age limits, social sharing, Adblock, registrations and access
  • Popup Statistics
  • Disable popup closure
  • Show popup after X pages
  • Popup program
  • Sound when the popup opens
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite, WPML, Visual Composer, Divi
  • Image popup, Facebook, shortcode, PDF, newsletter
  • Subscription popup
  • You can reindeer

Best for: subscription sites and certain types of WooCommerce sites

Price: Free, Pro version $ 20.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Popup

Elementor is the most popular Page builder ever, has over 5 million active installs. Users love this plugin.

Among its functions is the possibility to create popups.

With Elementor you can create the most beautiful Popups on the market! The downside though is that you can’t have all the customizations and triggers of other plugins.

I tried to make some graphics and many of them came out really well. For example, I created the form to access and register on the website in a single popup. I used a switch button. The final effect was beautiful.

Elementor Popup Plugin

Triggers are available but are limited compared to other plugins. It’s just that there is little customization.

But you can add everything you find on elementor into the Popup and then:

  • Newsletter
  • Buttons
  • Countdown timer
  • Access forms
  • Contact forms
  • Registration forms
  • Text
  • Shades
  • Slider
Elementor popup design

Another problem is that A / B testing is missing at the time of writing the article. But looking online I found some plugins that allow you to do tests through Elementor. It just takes time (and money).

Unique features:

  • You can show the popup based on: Posts, Categories, Tags, Device, Clicks, Dwell Time
  • Modern design
  • Switch buttons
  • Slider
  • You can add WooCommerce products

Ideal for: those who have Elementor, or who don’t need many features.

Price: free version does not have this module, so you will have to spend $ 49.

There is not only Elementor as a Page builder, read the best Gutenberg blocks !

Green Popups

Green Popups

This is a much loved plugin by users, in fact it has been purchased over 16,500 times while maintaining an average rating of 4.79.

All these numbers are surprising, but why do users like it? What makes them prefer it over other plugins?

His wide choice! yes you got it right, it’s the plugin with the most choices especially for WooCommerce sites. It’s hard not to choose them knowing that the popup supports payment methods.

Normally when we think of a popup we think of an image or video, but this plugin goes further by supporting infinite Google Fonts and even Icons.

It supports practically all the online services you might need such as email marketing, newsletters, CRM, SMS.

Finished? Not at all! Know that you have over 200 designs ready to use. But if you don’t like them, you can create your own with drag and drop mode.

While we tested the plugin, we discovered a very useful feature for WooCommerce. You can embed the registration within the popup, so the user does not have to leave the page.

You can also make Popups appear at specific times, such as on OptinMonster.

Green Popups Plugin

Unique features:

  • Drag and drop popup generator
  • Advanced targeting system
  • Popup OnExit.
  • AdBlock pop-up
  • Geolocation filter
  • Integrations with email verification services
  • Integrations with CRM and Newsletter systems
  • Integration with payment method providers such as PayPal and Stripe.
  • Integrations with SMS
  • Font Awesome supported
  • A / B campaigns
  • GDPR Friendly
  • CSV export
  • Minimized CSS and JS
  • 1000 Google Fonts available
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite and WooCommerce
  • The plugin is multilingual compatible

Ideal for: Those who want OptinMonster without spending that much. We recommend it to everyone!

Price: $ 24

Popup Maker

Popup Maker

Popup Maker is the most popular Popup plugin on WordPress.org. It has over 600,000 active installations and over 4.9 stars.

This plugin was developed especially for WooCommerce, in fact it comes with many specific targeting rules.

It has a simple interface, same as the WordPress Classic Editor. This can be a positive side for some. But for many others (including us) it is a bad thing.

If you are a developer, you will have many filters available that will help you to do everything in a simpler way.

Unique features:

  • You can show a popup based on what’s in the shopper’s cart, based on their subscription, based on their purchase data.
  • You can also send popups based on where it is like: posts, categories, pages, user role.
  • Device
  • Referrals
  • Query parameter

Best for: Those who are used to the classic WordPress editor.

Price: Free, Pro version costs $ 5-15 depending on extensions. Or the whole package costs $ 87.

Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups has been available on CodeCanyon for over 9 years and has 36,000 sales. Over time it has only gotten better.

But why did we put it at the bottom of the rankings? Because we think developers should lighten the code, it’s an old can.

We found that it slows down the site more than the other plugins, but it also offers more features than other plugins on the list.

It’s a Drag and Drop plugin, so you can create your Popup by dragging everything, but it doesn’t stop there, in fact it already has around 80 predefined themes.

Ninja Popups Plugin

In all these years they have developed over 74 animation effects. It supports A / B testing and fantastic integration with Google Analytics.

Unique features:

  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • A / B test
  • Easy to set up
  • Popup Social Network and Newsletter
  • MailChimp and GetResponse support
  • Facebook Likebox in your popup
Ninja Popups examples

Ideal for: those who want to spend as little time and money as possible

Price: $ 24.


Are there any reasons why you shouldn’t have Popups? Yes, Kinsta in their in -depth article explain that Google penalizes those who use Popups in an aggressive way, especially on mobile devices.

We therefore advise against using them for that purpose, unless you have a site that is already optimized in terms of speed.

Among all the plugins we recommend OptinMonster or Green Popups because they have many functions in common. The only real difference is the price.

I recommend them only if you have a Landing Page and don’t use Page Builders.

If you prefer to opt for a Page builder then you should obviously choose between Bloom and Elementor Popup.

Finally, there are the other plugins that you may prefer or based on personal preferences, or based on the economic factor.

We could have added many other pretty good plugins, but we wanted to select only the best ones.

However, if you have any doubts, you can write us in the comments and we will help you in all ways!