6 Best Table of Contents Plugin WordPress

Best WordPress Plugin Content Tables

You have just finished the most beautiful, complete and longest article of your life. You feel really proud and you post it.

But then you discover that many people don’t get to the end because they leave much earlier. Why?

Because visitors need a quick overview at the beginning of the article to understand what it is all about.

In addition to helping users, you also help yourself because Google ranks better websites that have a table of contents.

If you want to get as much benefits as possible, you will need one of the Best Table of Contents Plugin WordPress choose from us.

What should a good Table of Contents Plugin have?

Tables of Contents

While I was looking for the best WordPress Plugin Content Tables for this article, I came across 4 groups of plugins:

  1. Full plugins
  2. Plugin di shortcode
  3. Page Builder Block Plugin
  4. Inactive plugins

Full plugins

These plugins are the most comprehensive and offer you the most flexibility.

They will offer you the ability to pre-set from the settings for all posts, but later within each post you can make changes.

You will most likely need this category of plugins, because they are easy to use and you can customize in all ways.

Plugin di ShortCode

ShortCode Content Tables

To use these plugins, you will need to copy a certain shortcode and paste into the text each time.

Some of these plugins also allow for slight customization.

Honestly, we never use them and especially when we need this it works, they allow us to make the Complete plugins.

Block plugin for Page Builder

These kind of plugins are very useful for those who use Page Builders.

In truth, many Page Builders already offer this works like Elementor and Thrive Builder .

For other Page Builders there are additional blocks that allow you to do this.

But if you don’t have a Page Builder, these plugins are useless.

Inactive plugins

We have also come across tons of plugins that have been inactive for too long. They are not compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.

There is no point in breaking and ruining your website for these plugins.

You can rest assured, we have not added these plugins to the plugin list at all, it is a simple warning in case you want to look for others.

Made this necessary promise, let’s get started!


LuckyWP table of contens

LuckyWP is the best plugin for tables and we use it ourselves on our site as well as on the customers’ one.

There are many reasons:

  • It is faster than the other plugins (we did a lot of testing with PageSpeed ​​and GTmetrix)
  • It is updated more frequently than the other plugins
  • It has a lot more features
  • Compatible with Gutenberg

Once installed, we recommend that you go into the settings and customize everything.

LuckyWp settings

First you will find the General settings , where you can customize:

  • Minimum quantity of titles (otherwise it does not start automatically)
  • Hierarchical view
  • You can decide between decimal numbers, points or as simple as we chose
  • You can choose the title of the table (maybe you write index, so the reader understands better)
  • Finally you can decide the speed of the scroll

On the appearance screen you can select:

  • Size of the table (full screen, auto or a value chosen by you)
  • Font size
  • Bold for the title
  • You can decide the color of the background, title, text, links and links on hover

Finally you have the possibility to select automatic insertion or not, in case of yes you can choose:

  • Before the first title H2
  • After the first title H2
  • After the first block in general
  • Top of the post
  • At the bottom of the content

We keep it deactivated because with Gutenberg we can select the place we want most, but if you have decided to add the table of contents in the Widget, then it would be a good idea to keep the automatic insertion function active.

How do you enter it manually?

  • Using the “Summary” button on the toolbar of the classic editor
  • Via the gutenberg block “Summary”
  • Tramite shortcode

It is compatible with:

Unique features:

  • Fast and Seo Friendly
  • Automatic insertion
  • Manual entry with shortcode, Gutenberg block or widget
  • Minimum number of titles
  • Hierarchical view
  • Customizable appearance: width, size and weight of the color font
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Compatible with all themes and plugins

Ideal for: all sites

Price: totally free

Fixed TOC

Fixed Toc

Fixed TOC is another fantastic plugin at LuckyWp levels and in some respects offers greater customization.

Before explaining all the functions, I want to warn you that it is paid so I recommend buying it only if you need the best of the best.

Otherwise you can skip its description and move on to the next plugin.

Fixed TOC supports posts, pages and even some of the Page Builders.

It allows you to create a table of contents automatically for each post or you can decide where to set it manually.

It has a widget available so you can add it to the sidebar to offer the best user experience.

Once installed in the settings you can also customize the colors of the table of contents.

But the most interesting thing is the animations you can create. You will have many powerful animations available and not the classic Scroll.

Finally I can tell you that it works well with translation plugins and with various Page Builders.

Unique features:

  • Create the table of contents automatically or manually
  • It supports all kinds of posts
  • Responsive on every device
  • Allows you to add it to the widget sidebar
  • Lots of scrolling animations
  • It allows you to customize the size, font, colors and position
  • Supports posts that have the “nextpage” quicktag.
  • You can set an individual option for each post
  • Compatible with multilingual plugins
  • It supports all Page Builders such as: Elementor, Visual Composer, Thrive Architect, Dici and many others

Ideal for: complex sites that need professional tables with animations and great customizations.

Price: $ 20

 Easy Table of Contents

easy table of contents

Before moving on to LuckyWp we used Easy Table of Contents , in fact it offers the same options.

I think it allows for more post-by-post customization, but it has fewer color features.

Let me explain, normally, a writer needs comfort and simplicity. That plugin allows it to do.

LuckyWp succeeds as well, but beyond that it allows me to add the transparent table of contents that supports the Dark Mode of our website.

Let’s see some particular features in detail.

Once there, going into the settings you will find everything in one screen.

You can decide what to enable support for:

  • Articles
  • Pages
  • Custom CSS
  • Feedback oEmbed
  • User requests
  • Blocks

You can then turn on automatic entry for each of these settings.

From a customization point of view you have the same settings as LuckyWp, so you can decide the minimum number of titles to show it.

You can decide if you want it to show everything with decimal numbers, Roman or without numbering.

Finally you can decide all the sizes of the table.

One thing I can tell you is that it supports AMP mode for good because I had tested it for a client.

The most interesting feature is that within each post it allows you not to show some H2 / 3/4/5/6 titles.

To do this, you need to go to the bottom of the article, after which you need to write in the plugin * title *.

Once this is done, the title will not be added to the table of contents. Convenient isn’t it?

Unique features:

  • Automatically generate a table of contents
  • Supporta il <!–nextpage–>tag
  • Compatible with Rank Math
  • Allows you to hide some titles
  • Support smooth scrolling
  • You can insert it into the Widget
  • Compatibile con Classic Editor, Gutenberg, Divi, Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder e Visual Composer

Best for: If you have a site where you often want to skip some headlines

Price: totally free


elementor page builder

Elementor is currently the most famous and used Page builder. In fact, it has over 5 million active installations!

There are so many, and over half also have the pro version.

Among you who will be reading this article, many certainly use Elementor so let’s see what it could offer you and how to use it!

It is probably the plugin that allows you to have the most customization. In fact, when you want to add the table of contents, a box with hundreds of elements will appear.

You can select:

  • Title and text colors
  • Title font and text
  • Allows you to add icons
  • What title to add to the table

Once you have chosen all this, you can also select the many animations that Elementor offers you.

You can create transitions, particular movements, appear and disappear.

You can make it see on your phone and not on your PC. You can activate that on the PC you see in the sidebar while on mobile at the top.

You can customize each color, make it transparent or all bold.

Are you wondering, by any chance, why we don’t recommend this table of contents as the best?

Because you are forced to use Elementor, beyond that all this customization is excessive and you could end up ruining the user experience.

In any case it works really well! So if you have Elementor, set it up once and for all and use it.

Unique features:

  • Responsive and modern
  • You can change every aspect
  • It has a lot of animations
  • It can be fixed at the top
  • You can select which title to add
  • You can add Icons
  • You can select the color of the text on mouseover
  • You can choose the speed of scrolling

Best for: Those who use or would like to use Elementor

Price: Elementor has the free version, but you will have to pay $ 50 to get this feature

Ultimate Blocks

Dynamic Header

Ultimate Blocks is one of the best Gutenberg block plugins .

It has tons of interesting blocks, including table of contents.

Once installed and activated, you need to click add article, click the + on Gutenberg and add the table of contents block.

First you can write the title of the table, then you can click the wheel at the top right of WordPress in the article (settings) and click block.

From there you will have enough customization:

  • You can select which title to recognize and automatically add
  • You can allow users to turn TOC visibility on or off
  • You can select the scroll

The feature you will use the most and which has no plugin in the list is the ability to change the title from the table of contents.

So you can create a very long title like “5 best WordPress plugin content tables” but have the table say “5 best tables”.

So you no longer have to adapt the content to the table, but the table to the content!

You can also select whether a title is visible or not.

Unique features:

  • Ability to select which title to add to the table and which not
  • You can decide whether to show the title or hide or modify
  • Allows you to adjust the scroll
  • Allows users to turn TOC visibility on or off
  • It has tons of other additional blocks
  • It is Seo Friendly
  • Works with tons of WordPress themes and plugins

Ideal for: if you need more Gutenberg blocks

Price: free

Ultimate Addons

Ultimate Addons

Gutenberg Blocks is today’s latest content tables plugin.

It’s another Gutenberg block plugin and it’s pretty much the same as Ultimate Blocks and while it has more installs and maybe even more function overall, it still has fewer table functions.

The real lack that this plugin has is the ability to edit and hide specific titles within the table.

For some it might not be a good shortcoming, but if you think about it, Gutenberg Blocks already has fewer features than LuckyWp and if it has further shortcomings it’s a problem.

Otherwise it works well and really has the same functions as Ultimate Blocks .

Unique features:

  • None compared to Ultimate Blocks
  • But it has tons of spectacular Gutenberg blocks
  • It is responsive and modern

Ideal for: if you need their blocks, otherwise go to LuckyWp

Price: free


Today we saw tons of plugin content tables, some better, some worse.

In any case, these are the best plugins on the market, you will not find anything better.

In general I recommend LuckyWp, otherwise you could use Easy Table of Content.

Elementor as I mentioned could only be a good choice if you already use that plugin on your website.

While the last 2 plugins I recommend them if you use Gutenberg and want to add many more blocks. If you don’t need the blocks then there is no point in installing them.

I hope I have resolved any doubts, but if you still have some doubts, do not hesitate to write to us in the comments! We will reply as soon as possible and help you!